Saturday, December 12, 2009

Strategies for Playing Blackjack at the Best 4-6 of 6

Strategy No 4: Understanding Which Tables to Avoid

Just as you are drawn to tables at which "the Christmas Tree Lights are flashing," take care to avoid the obvious losing table where players exhibit few chips, are making single-chip bets, and exude a morose attitude.
You will find more table selection factors in both of my books and all 21 in the TARGET 21 DVD Course.
For further information, read Blackjack’s Winning Factors on Page 73 in Casino Gambling - a description of four important factors that indicate winning activity and, thus, the possibility of your winning in this game.
In my book Blackjack: A Winner's Handbook, on page 158 you will find an interesting idea for playing and winning in a shoe game with an automatic shuffling machine.

Strategy No 5: Approaching the very Basic Strategy

OK, you're in the game, now you've got a decision to make on each and every blackjack hand: hit, stand, double down, split pairs, or take insurance if the dealer shows an ace.
These decisions, giving the players some control over the outcome of their hands, are what make blackjack one of the most exciting and popular casino table games.
There is a mathematically correct way to make each of these decisions; it's called Basic Strategy.
You can learn the basic strategy for playing each hand against any dealer up card in either of my books - Blackjack: A Winner's Handbook and Casino Gambling. Each contain decision tables for hitting your hand, standing, doubling your bet and taking just one more card, and splitting a pair of like cards and playing two hands.
Use the learning drills, memory aids, and practice drills in Blackjack: A Winner's Handbook to learn basic strategy and become a smart player. Basic Strategy reduces the house odds down to about 1% instead of the 5 or 6% you would otherwise confront.

Strategy No 6: Learning About the Insurance Decision

Any time the dealer shows an ace, insurance is offered - you can bet up to half of the bet on your hand that the dealers has the blackjack or the 10-value card as the hole card. If the dealer has the blackjack, you are paid 2-to-1 on your insurance bet with the dealer picking up the losing bet on your hand or giving it back to you for the insurance pay off. If the dealer does not have the blackjack, you lose the insurance bet.
I do not recommend taking insurance unless you have a blackjack, in which case you get paid 1-to-1 either way - if the dealer has a blackjack, you push on your hand and get paid on the insurance bet; if the dealer does not have blackjack, you lose your insurance bet but get paid on your blackjack.
If you wish to make the best percentage play, do not take insurance on the blackjack.

Strategies for Playing Blackjack at the Best 1-3 of 6

Strategy No. 1: Understanding Distractions

When you walk onto the casino floor to begin your gambling session, it is important to keep your perspective. The flashing lights, the cornucopia of colors and the incessant sound of the slot machines mesmerize many gamblers. This is what the casinos want. Don't fall for it. Stay cool and keep a clear head.
Walk around the casino floor for five or 10 minutes before sitting down to play. Mentally review your objectives for this gambling session while you observe the games and the gamblers.

Strategy No 2: Making Best Table Selection
For most gamblers, this is an ad hoc decision. They choose the first table they come to with an open seat or space and which offers a minimum bet they are comfortable with. But the table selection decision is an important factor in your chances of ending up a winner in this session. I recommend reading and studying and using the tips below.
Our TARGET 21 Winning Blackjack Course contains 21 logical factors that point to winning tables. The most important of these is evidence of the players winning like stacks of chips in front of them.
For example if you're evaluating a $5 minimum game for table entry and notice players' chip stacks that appear to exceed the average buy-in of $100, this is a good sign if you estimate the majority of players to exceed the average buy-in.
Another good sign is a majority of players betting more than the table minimum bet. Most players increase their bet when they are winning.
This winning activity may be created by a non-random shuffle, which engenders winning cycles for both the players and the dealer.

Strategy No 3: Strategic Table Entry
Picture yourself sauntering through the blackjack pits casually observing the tables, the players and the chips on the table.
All of a sudden you notice a table with multiple stacks of chips in front of the players, everyone betting in multiple units, players tipping the dealer, the dealer's chip rack with a lot of open space, and the players applauding a dealer breaking hand.
What do you do? Run, do not walk, and grab any open seat at this table. You are probably entering the best of all games - a Dealer-breaking Table!
Although these tables occur infrequently, you should always be on the lookout for them. In normal games, the dealers will break about 28% of the time. In Dealer-breaking tables, I have seen dealers break 50 to 75% of the hands throughout the entire shoe.
These games are called "dumping tables" by casino personnel and for good reason - the dealer is dumping chips to the players!
Perhaps you have experienced the pleasure of playing in "home run" tables like this one. The clue when searching for these winning games is CHIPS: chips in front of the players, in the betting circle, players tipping the dealer, and open space on the Dealer's chip tray.
It is beyond the scope of this report to explain why player winning cycles such as these occur at the blackjack tables, but I can refer you to Chapter 6 in my book Casino Gambling.

Blackjack Casino Table Secrets

Running Over the game blackjack. A substantial lead in blackjacking techniques over the Live Blackjack Table. One could sustain the stability of the games over the players.

Have a look here.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Expert Casino Players with Effective Blackjack Tricks

Blackjack Players always keep their eyes and mind open to except new and innovative ideas that they can apply over games. Concentration and consideration even on a specific low level player player, always yield new techniques. Like even if the weak player is playing in a wrong manner, you'd be able to learn of those weaknesses and will overcome over yours.

I don't mean that you start staring over games even you've already learned, but I want you to at least look into the slow players as well to keep in touch with the drawbacks of playing blackjack in other ways.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Blackjack Card Counting Secrets

Blackjack Card Counting is not as easy as it looks. I saw players straying around the casino cities and striking with countries to get more of it's exposure. I'm not sure if every player gets to some good expertise but there are few those really make people stuck in an bewitching way of their Blackjack Card Counting Skills.

In last year, while at Las Vegas, there have been a great festival especially organized for the kind of Card Counting Techniques.

The video about reminds me of my trip to Blackjack Casino last year. I really can't express my feelings about the players for playing Blackjack in such a tremendous splashing way that is totally un-forgettable. He was at climax of his card counting skills.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Learn How to play Blackjack 21 - Strategic Casino Training

We know that the Blackjack 21 is the prominent game in Casino where we always need to have high level expertise. The video below is a bit about it's basic level introduction and a middle level strategy.

Playing Blackjack-21 is a fun, of course we must have to acquire additional expertise since the game has proven a bit tougher than of other Casino plays. However, it's much more interesting than others.

Step by Step Guide for Blackjack Switch Expert Deal Procedure

A simple but comprehensive guide to learn Blackjack Switch through Expert Dealing Procedure. In fact, this can be a step by step guide to learn Blackjack Switch in an excellent way with putting not struggle to get practical training in live Casino.

Hopefully, the video below will let you know all the aspects in a new exposure.

Things to avoid in Blackjack Play - Casino

There are several tricks and instructions in Blackjack to follow that claims to be leading to win. Mostly people look for the strategy to defeat opponent but a very few could think about the mistakes those must be avoided during the Blackjack Play.

Above is a video that will teach you what to follow and what to avoid throughout the Blackjack Casino game. Of course skills can up-lift the game into some positive perspective but if we consider the weak areas, can really assure a cent per cent success!

Learning Betting Progressions with Blackjack Casino

Although Blackjack itself a gambling stuff and of course revokes many skills and covers several aspects. But, Betting within Blackjack, is really something very interesting. I'm sure you can understand that a person outside a game can either be skilled even more than the players or can be just a person very first time looking into Blackjack. He can bet without any experience but the risk is still higher however, in the other hands, if the person is Expert Blackjack Player, can make his side sure to win.

Here is a video stuff that talks about Blackjack Betting Progressions in a Casino.

By the way, the video is by Bill Garner which is my favorite figure in the field of Blackjack Progressions.

Advanced Blackjack Training with Expert Strategies

In my last post entry, hopefully you've enjoyed the very basic approach to Blackjack Learning and Playing Strategies. Below video is a bit about Advanced Blackjack Techniques where we can at least defeat a casino player with middle level expertise.

I'm assuming that this would help new comers those have started this game recently and have gone through the Part-1 of Basic Blackjack Strategies.

Learn Blackjack Casino with Basic Strategies

Blackjack Casino games are not really so easy to have an expert hands over. It really takes years to even just jump in to play. But I also believe if you have a pretty right teacher or the right and wise resources, you can learn it just in days.

I could get here few basic tricks for Strategical Blackjack play.

Two Minutes to understand Blackjack Winning Tips and Tricks

I'm afraid just two minutes can yield splashing results. In fact the short time video is a juice of Blackjack tips and tricks that lead to won. Just a simple way to understand the play not to make and wheedling or cheat. The easiest way one can really prevail over the loosing casino games.

Stay watching to this video and all up coming!

Skills over Blackjack Scam at The Real Hustle UK

Blackjack or the Black Jack scam, in fact has been at climax at the Real Hustle UK. I'm not of the opinion to copy strategies but at least to know and create some new against them. Scamming the Blackjack in deed a trick and a player I believe must know before he or she goes to table.

Certain Blackjack Techniques you can find here!