Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Blackjack Tips for Shuffling and Card Counting

Blackjack Shuffle and Counting Tip-1:
Be balanced and try to Bet and deal the game wisely

In the long run, managing your money would be the key to a greater profit. Try not to go for a table the bet size greater than 1/20 of your money for that session. Your money will go longer this way. Another simple tip as applied to all games is that "Do not play more than your bankroll."

Blackjack Video Tips on Scam Shuffle at Real Hustle

Blackjack Shuffle and Counting Tip-2:
How to Tip the Dealer?

Some people may raise a brow about this but it's not just merely being a nice guy. Tipping the dealer might get him to shuffles up a little bit later in a game than he may do otherwise, which would be an advantage to any card counter. A generously tipped dealer might be "friendlier". Besides, a "friendly" dealer would make a game more enjoyable.

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