Thursday, January 14, 2010

How did I learned Blackjack Winning Strategies?

I'm really not going to blow my own trumpet for my Blackjack skills or techniques, rather I just wanted to share that how did I learned these Blackjack Strategies. My purpose is to let you know about the hidden aspects of the game, that you can say some Blackjack Hidden Strategies that can guarantee success.

The first time I played Blackjack in the year 1990 when I was quite a young and was known as a small key to Blackjack. At that time, the play was known in some other names as well but the theme was the same as of the today's Blackjack. I was a bit confused when I was taking my hands over card counting which is one of the crucial parts of Blackjack where one must have to be extra confident and adept as well. I really don't know how I prevailed over my first Casino Play but I believe that it was the opponent's tricks that I was keenly looking into and what I was doing in response? was to apply back the same Blackjack Skills.

I can't forget the first strategies by my teacher William Klein (my first opponent in deed) where I really learn at least a Basic Blackjack Strategy that in return has been a greater assistant in all my plays later in the life.

You might be thinking of the ancient time or the time of younger age which is basically a climax of brain to learn and apply over whatever we want in our lives. Of course I can't say you wrong in this aspect but I also believe that it was not merely my sharp brain but in fact the environment and the circumstances around me. Since we know practice makes a man perfect so of course it was the deep and prolonged practice that gave me adeptness as soon as I play.

I'm feeling a bit sleepy now, so would be heading off to bed and will join you back in the morning with the fresh Blackjack Breakfast and techniques.

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